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Откровенные ФОТО нищей жизни на свалке

 Shocking: Some of the children that call this frightful place home were even born there

Нищета в России не показательна. Посмотрите, как живут люди в другом конце света. На свалке. В 12 км от столицы Индонезии Джакарту находится полигон «Bantar Gebang», куда ежедневно свозится 9 тонн мусора. Daily Mail опубликовали работы франзузского фотографа Alexandre Sattler, который запечатлил обычную жизнь семей, для которых мусор — это и еда, и дом, и товары на продажу, и детские игрушки.

Their heart-breaking lives have been documented by 36-year-old French photographer Alexandre Sattler

Sattler discovered that families there use the landfill as a way of making a living, foraging in the grime for items they can re-sell. They live under make-shift shelters

Sattler said that the living conditions were terrible and that the families lived 'in a world of filth'

The adults at the landfill, Sattler told MailOnline Travel, seemed resigned to their fate

The site is infested with flies, which continually buzz around the humans that scavenge for items to sell

This man has shoes, but many on the landfill walk around in the grime barefooted

The site receives around 9,000 tonnes of rubbish every day. The huge trucks that bring it in are dwarfed by the mountains of waste once they arrive

Residents of the landfill collect food that has been discarded by those living in Jakarta

Amazingly, many of the children at the landfill are happy and carefree. But Sattler believes that this is because they have no point of reference for how their lives could be better

One former resident of the landfill, Resa Boenard (not pictured), is doing her best to improve conditions there. She was one of the lucky ones - able to attend a secondary school outside the landfill. But she's returned to teach the people of Bantar Gebang how to climb their way out of poverty

About 12 miles from Jakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia lies Bantar Gebang ¿ the largest open landfill site in south-east Asia. And home to around 3,000 families

Если присмотреться к последнему фото, то можно обнаружить...

"Маша и медведь". В Индонезии. На свалке. А вы говорите, что российские мультфильмы не могут. Еще как могут.

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Posts from This Journal “фото” Tag